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Opening up again as lockdown eases

We are acutely aware of the huge stresses and challenges faced by parents in the pandemic. While restrictions may be easing, the human cost of the coronavirus will be felt for many years to come. There has been a report on these “lockdown babies” which makes for sobering reading.

The Babies in Lockdown report captures the experiences of respondents and highlights the range of issues parents faced, the lack of support for families, and the inequalities in babies’ early experiences. For example:
*Almost 7 in 10 found their ability to cope with their pregnancy or baby had been impacted as a result of COVID-19.
*Nearly 7 in 10 felt the changes brought about by COVID-19 were affecting their unborn baby, baby or young child.
*Only one third expressed confidence in being able to access mental health support if required.
*Many families with lower incomes, from Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities and young parents have been hit harder by the COVID-19 pandemic and were less likely to receive the support they needed. This is likely to have widened existing inequalities.

We are now able to start opening the project up again more widely, and have been sending out carriers again – usually one to two per week. We’ve restocked with our most popular carriers (with kind thanks to our faithful supporters Slumber Roo, Lenny Lamb and Sling Spot in particular) and are working our way through referrals once more.

Our Zoom consult format has been working very well, as has been partnerships with sling libraries around the UK, so we will continue with this.

Please consider referring yourself to us, or if you are someone who works with vulnerable families, please consider referring them to us for a comfortable carrier that can help. Being hands free while able to nurture a young child has many practical benefits, let alone the mental health benefits it brings to both child and carer.

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