Meet the Team

The Project is run by three directors and some volunteers, all of whom are parents themselves and love to carry their children. Here is a little about us, the team behind the Project!

We have all felt the benefits of keeping them close for our own mental health and for being able to make life work, and are all volunteers and directors of the Building Bonds Project.


about usDanielle (Director) is a trained peer supporter and Modern Foreign Languages teacher with a young son, who fell in love with babywearing after her little boy had an extended stay in hospital after he was born. Close carrying helped them to bond and she wants to share that experience with other families. She runs sling meets at Madina Tots at the Madina Masjid and is passionate about babywearing being accessible to everyone.



teamRosie (Director) is a carrying consultant and sling librarian. She founded the Sheffield Sling Surgery sling library service and the 4th Trimester postnatal parenting support groups several years ago. She is also the educator and trainer behind the Carrying Matters resource, working tirelessly to promote babywearing as a tool for individual family wellbeing and social change. She has two children and works as a GP in Sheffield. She doesn’t allow her deafness to get in the way of anything! The Project began as an arm of the library service and she is delighted to be able to take it to the next step!



36427963_10155384283761898_865729484043583488_nStacie (Director) is a carrying consultant and mother of three young children. Having close age gaps between all her children, carrying was not only a way of caring for each of their needs but also a practical necessity. She soon discovered a passion for enabling other families and assisting them on their carrying journeys.




Amelia (volunteer) is a trained peer supporter who carried her son from birth. This enabled her to go out and carry on with her busy lifestyle. She is passionate about helping as many people feel the snuggly benefits of carrying, and is especially passionate about the Building Bonds Project because she has first hand experience of having nothing.  She believes that having your child close really can give you the confidence you need to overcome any challenges. thrown your way.



Kate (volunteer) is a new mum and has found babywearing to be an invaluable and wonderful part of her new life. When not on maternity leave she works for Music in the Round and is a singing teacher and choral conductor. She is working on our team focusing on fundraising.



The Building Bonds Project is a community interest company. This is a small business with the primary intention of providing community benefit. As it is asset-locked, any surpluses are principally reinvested for that community purpose, rather than being driven by the need to maximise profits.