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Welcome to the Building Bonds Project!

The Building Bonds Project is designed to help families and their children to be close, especially in times of crisis, need or trouble.

We fit and donate slings and carriers to families in financial or social hardship and also those who need some support with growing secure attachment relationships amidst difficult circumstances. They would all benefit from being able to carry their child hands-free – building bonds during adversity. There is much evidence to show that the first 1000 days of a child’s life have a huge impact on their future trajectory: we are here to help build the resilience and relationships that allow children and their families to thrive despite difficulties. (read more about this here.)

  • We work with organisations that help people needing intensive social support, such as those with refugee status, survivors of trafficking, domestic abuse, or with previous social services involvement.

  • We help families who are experiencing¬†significant pre-existing or antenatal/postnatal depression, anxiety or PTSD.

  • We help families whose children are needing prolonged stays in hospital, who are very unwell or have life-limiting illnesses (as we recognise how hard it can be to source a good carrier during this stressful time). A sling/carrier can help with transport around hospital and to and from vehicles as well.

  • We help families who have children with special needs. Comfy slings can offer fantastic opportunities for occupational or physical therapy as well as being a safe space for a child.¬†They can be incredibly therapeutic, for children with sensory processing difficulties or autism, for example.

  • Baby carriers can also be a very useful tool for children in the foster care system; helping to rebuild secure attachments and to act as a tool to aid transition between homes.

    building bonds project

Carrying children makes a difference to children and their carers.

We are based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, and are a CIC (a Community Interest Company), staffed by volunteers and reliant on the kindness of others to be able to support families. We can help anyone in the region who can come to us in the city centre, and we can arrange group visits when needed.

Please see the links above for how to apply for help. You can also contact us here.

Donate to our Project via our Golden Giving link.

Please see some of the families the Building Bonds Project have helped here. Please remember that many families need their identities protected, so what we can share is limited.