Who do we help?

Our aim is to help families who would find a carrier of considerable therapeutic benefit for a range of reasons, and who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford or access a sling. We have a few criteria to ensure we are helping the right people. One of our team (we are all trained in sling safety) will suggest a carrier based on current needs and arrange fitting and donation.

  • Clients will need to be able to get to our base in the city centre (The Snug, 71 Leadmill Road, S1 4SE)
  • We will visit inpatients at the Children’s Hospital.
  • We will visit organisations to help multiple families, by prior arrangement, within a 2hr (approximately) driving radius. Please contact us to discuss

Our service is based in Sheffield and South Yorkshire, but we will support people from further afield if they can get to our base.

You may be eligible for our help…

  • if you (or your partner) are suffering from ante- or post-natal depression or anxiety, PTSD or other condition affecting your ability to bond with your child
  • or have a child with a serious or life-limiting illness or significant disability,
  • or a child who is spending a lot of time in hospital,
  • or a child with special needs,
  • work with children in the emergency care system (such as fostering)
  • or are in receipt of intensive social care support from certain agencies (such as the perinatal mental health service, City Hearts, The Snowdrop Project, Ashiana, Welcome Box, domestic abuse charities etc)


  • are in receipt of Healthy Start Vouchers or in another form of financial difficulty.

We aim to be flexible. For example we would help a mother who has fled a difficult family situation and needs to be able to care for her baby and toddler until she is back on her feet again. It could be someone with refugee status who hasn’t yet got documentation, or someone who is experiencing postnatal depression or anxiety, has no independent income but doesn’t qualify for additional benefits. For children with life limiting illnesses and those with prolonged inpatient stays we will often offer visit them in hospital due to the intense complexity of the situation. This is to ensure parents get the benefit of a sling in the last part of their child’s life, or while they are unable to leave hospital, as we recognise that trying to source and buy a carrier in such an intensely distressing time is very hard and families can then miss out on the benefits.

Please fill in one of our application forms at the top of the page.

Please contact us if you have any queries.