Refer a sling library client

If you would like to refer a family you are supporting in a sling library/consultant setting for assistance from us, please check you fit our criteria, and then fill in the form below.

If you are unsure or feel they qualify for help beyond the criteria, please contact us.

We can offer you online guidance if needed, we can make recommendations for carriers for complex situations, offer shared consults alongside you to help identify solutions, and also in some cases donate slings and carriers to those who would not be able to afford a second hand carrier. We will send the carrier to you, so you can fit it to your client in person, for the best outcome. Please be aware that we cannot purchase carriers to match what you have been able to offer them in your own library.

Please be aware that in order to be able to help as many families as possible, we ask clients if they are able to contribute towards the cost of their support (eg post and packing, contribute to the consultation, or towards the cost of the carrier). We are aware some families may not be able to contribute at all; we can reach more such families if our funds are able to stretch further.