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Thank you for considering how you can donate to the Building Bonds Project.

Crowdfunder, 2021
We all know that Covid times have been a particularly challenging time to have a new baby and/or young children. Many of us will have found our slings invaluable during this time.
Over the last year as the effects of lockdown hit we have seen the demand and need for our services increase massively. But at the same time our collection tins have been harder for people to reach as lockdown closed the locations we have them. Our crowd funder aims to raise £5000 to fund us for the next year. We are entirely volunteer run by a small group of us in Sheffield, so everything we raise goes towards the slings and the admin needed to run the project.
If you can afford to donate that would be amazing, and we are really grateful. But even if you can’t, we are hoping you can help us out massively by sharing the crowd funder, maybe with a little message about how your sling has supported your parenting journey.
We also have a Golden Giving page, more details below.
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Our Golden Giving Page

Our Project is staffed by volunteers; but there are still costs to be incurred; such as buying carriers to donate, sourcing carriers for very specific needs, making leaflets, website hosting, travel to residential homes and more. All your generous donations will be used for the Project and the people it serves. You can also donate carriers and coats!

The direct donation link is here; you can make a one-off gift or a regular one.

The Paypal link (via Golden Giving) is here.

Thank you!

The BBP team