Safety Reminders

We hope our clients find their new carriers helpful and useful. Here are some reminders how to use slings safely.

Ensure children can breathe

All babies and children must be able to breathe easily in the sling or carrier all the time.

Their airways must never be obstructed. Their face must be free of fabric and their nostrils must not be buried in the parent’s skin.

Good positioning is important

The head of young babies should be resting on the flat, upper part of the parent’s chest.

The top of the baby’s head should be close enough to kiss when they are being carried on the front.

Sleeping babies relax. This can mean their bodies slump over and a gap forms between child’s chest and parent’s body.

There should not be a gap between child and parent. This keeps babies upright and stops them slumping.

If your baby is slumped over, correct their position, and make your carrier tighter.

Sleeping in slings

Children sleep well in slings and may stay asleep longer than normal.

Make sure you are feeding your baby regularly, as a sleepy baby may demand fewer feeds.

A parent must not sleep while they are carrying their baby in a sling. This may obstruct the baby’s airway.

Managing your baby’s temperature in the sling

Do not overdress your baby. Babies get warm quickly in slings and overheating makes them drowsy.

Avoid putting baby in thick, bulky clothes (like snowsuits) in the carrier. It is better to use several thinner layers.

If going outside in cold weather with baby in the sling, keep their head, hands and feet warm with hats, gloves and socks.

If you use the sling in hotter weather, dress baby lightly and stay in the shade. Give baby plenty of drinks.

Other important safety facts

Do not feed your baby hands-free in the carrier. Keep one hand behind baby’s head if you feed them upright in the sling.

When baby has finished feeding, raise them back into a safe position so their airway is clear.




Further Reading for Support Staff

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