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feedback, real stories

“This project is wonderful!” A review from Ashiana Sheffield

Thank you so much to Carina, a support worker at Ashiana Sheffield for this feedback about the Project! (Ashiana Sheffield is a charity that aims to to support those from BAMER communities whose lives have been affected by violence and abuse to take control of their lives and move forward into healthy, stable and safer futures.Ashiana Sheffield

“I have used the Building Bonds Project for several of my clients now and have recommended the project to all of my colleagues. The referral form is simple to fill out and the team are very quick to get back to you. They have been really flexible depending on the individual situation and truly want to make life better and easier for mums and their babies.

I spoke with one client who has used the scheme who wanted to include her feelings. She was very isolated and new to the city and struggled to get out, particularly struggling to shop for food with her son. She was sceptical about the idea of a sling as he son is quite big, however the change in her opinion even before we left the Snug was huge! She says she wears him in his sling most days now and that he always falls asleep and she feels like she can explore the city and has even made a friend when someone complimented her carrier.

I am now trying to think up ways to get clients who live outside of Sheffield into the city to take advantage of the amazing benefits that I have witnessed having a sling provide. Building Bonds; this project is wonderful, thank you so much.”

feedback, real stories

Nertila, making life easier

Nertila was referred to us by the Snowdrop Project, who work with survivors of trafficking and modern slavery. She has three children aged 9 months, 2 years and 4 years old, so life is pretty hectic! The Building Bonds Project helped her to find a sling that will allow her to carry either her nine month old or her two year old and make life a bit easier for her. (The carrier was a Beco Soleil, donated by the Sheffield Sling Surgery).

BBP Nertila

She said: “Building Bonds were fantastic. They helped me find the right sling and showed me how to use it with my youngest daughters. We are having a fun and exciting time, all together. When I arrived home after the fitting, my second one wanted to sleep, so I used the sling to help her get to sleep, while I was making some lunch for my older girl. Building Bonds, thank you very much for your help and your support. I love it now I have less back pain because I can carry my girls comfortably.”

feedback, real stories

Feedback from the Snowdrop Project

“Since she has had the sling, our client has been able to carry her 9month old baby. This means she has her hands free to be able to support her 3 year old so he can practice his walking, and now he can walk to nursery. There has been a huge improvement in his walking and this is in part thanks to the Building Bonds Project. You’re making a difference to some of the most vulnerable and we are truly grateful.” Helen Jones, volunteer at the Snowdrop Project for survivors of trafficking and modern slavery.