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Slings can be so helpful for sick children

Slings can be so helpful for sick children and those with life-limiting or chronic illness, as well as those needing intensive hospital treatment.

Earlier this week we had the great privilege of helping a little girl receiving chemotherapy for leukaemia.

She’s not well at the moment with quite a lot of pain and is needing a lot of reassurance and love from her family. She is tired a lot of the time due to the illness and her treatment… so it was so great to be able to give her and her family a toddler Izmi carrier. It will help her mum and dad keep her close and make her feel safe, as soft touch and cuddles reduce stress and anxiety and pain. She was very keen to try it on and nestled against her mother as they learned how to use it. It was a great fit and really soft and comfy for her, and will help her to enjoy their weekend away a little more and get through the months ahead a little more easily. The whole family was delighted at the new option for closeness that they now have.


If you’d like to help us help more families, do get involved! Donate to us, send us your nearly new carriers, spread the word!


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