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Meeting old friends again; supporting parents as children grow

A year ago, Carine came to see us with her young daughter who was at the very curious stage of her babyhood, wanting to look around and see the world. Carine is in a wheelchair due to a childhood illness. We loaned her a structured carrier that helped baby to sit on her knee safely hands-free. It was lovely to meet them then, and even more lovely to see them both again recently when they came by to upgrade to a larger carrier. Their first sling has been very well loved, and meeting old friends again is always wonderful.
Carine’s little girl is a confident, delightful toddler who enjoys meeting new people, and has much more control over her body; so a carrier that was tall enough to support her while sitting on mum’s knee in a cuddle was what they needed now. There was enough room in this bright Tula (donated by Ergobaby UK) for her to move and see where she was going. There were a lot of megawatt smiles in the Snug that morning!

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